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Overcoming Homosexuality: A Context Specific Approach

This presentation given by Dr. Robinson in 2002 gives a simple and believable description of how same-sex attraction develops in the lives of many young men. It helps the listener understand why the strongest efforts to overcome feelings of same-sex attraction have not worked and may even have made the situation worse. It will help the listener to understand that unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction are not caused by a psychological condition; something you "have" or by something you "are". The listener is invited to see same-sex attractions as simply something one "knows how to do". Coming to understand and accept this simple and basic idea has been the first step for many individuals in dealing effectively with unwanted same-sex attraction.

Many of the ideas in this presentation are also covered in the article: Understanding Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction: A Context Specific Approach

Overcoming Homosexuality: Developing Hetrosexual Attraction

This presentation given by Dr. Robinson in 2002 describes how many struggling with same-sex attraction failed to learn the language of heterosexuality. Dr. Robinson describes seven ways men struggling with these feelings some times get stuck and discusses ways that men desiring to increase their heterosexual desire have been successful.

Overcoming Pornography: Plain and Simple

This presentation given by Dr. Robinson in 2007 describes how the idea of changing the context can be applied to the difficult problem of Pornography. Dr. Robinson outlines a simple but effective method which many have used to successfully overcome even long standing problems with pornography.